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Godwin Capital Update: One 'Lidl' Success at a time!

Adding yet another string to the Godwin Capital real-estate bow, is Godwin Developments' recently completed site on Warstock Road, Birmingham, which is now home to a new Lidl store.

Work on this site was completed earlier this year. The 23,000 sq. ft site is now open to the public and has created around 40 jobs for the local community.

Watch as Godwin Developments revitalize a once redundant site for the global brand, Lidl.

Associate director at Godwin Developments, Matt Chandler said “This project is exciting for Godwin Developments as it further strengthens our existing national retail portfolio. We would like to thank the team who worked on the development and we look forward to seeing the impact the new store has on the surrounding area, both in terms of the local economy and making life more convenient for those who live in the community.”

To find out more about investing in Godwin Capital, get in touch with Knight Wood Assets today!

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