Top 10 weirdest tax rules around the world!

Countries across the globe have justified deductions, extra percentages and wacky ways of coming up with tax revenue. Here's a countdown of the strangest tax laws around the world. 10. South Africa: World Cup tax bubble Soccer may be the world's sport, but it's also one of the world's best bargains when it comes to taxes—at least for FIFA. The BBC reported in 2010 that as part of bidding for the World Cup, host countries must agree to exempt FIFA, the organisation that puts on the World Cup, and its subsidiaries from paying taxes to the host country. The taxes this applies to depends on the country, but in South Africa in 2010 the taxes exemptions were fairly sweeping. The BBC reported that

There's a New Quid on the block!

Check behind those sofas! 100 days left until round £1 coins are no longer legal tender - and one in three still have some stashed around the house Old round £1 coins no longer legal tender from 17 October Royal Mint polls suggests one in three households have some laying around Round £1 coins could become a future collectables Millions of households have old-style £1 coins laying around the house, which will soon lose their legal tender status, according to the Royal Mint. A poll by the Treasury-owned Mint suggests one in three have some stashed away in savings jars and piggy banks across the country – or roughly 9million households. It comes as the billionth new 12-sided £1 coin passed thr

Taking out a 35 yr mortgage? It could cost you 20% more

The Bank of England warned yesterday of the growing trend among banks and building societies to offer mortgages on longer terms of 30 or even 35 years. This practice could "store up problems for the future", warned Sam Woods, head of the Bank's Prudential Regulation Authority in a speech on July 10. One problem highlighted by Mr Woods was that borrowers' retirement finances would be eroded by repayments stretching into older age. What he did not highlight, however, is the huge additional cost in interest born by borrowers who take out longer-term mortgages. The traditional mortgage term has for decades been set at 25 years. But with rising house prices, longer-term deals have been used as a

Three things Ladies should think about to improve their finances

They say men are from Mars and women are from Venus, but does that really matter when it comes to our money? Do women need to think differently about their savings, investments and retirement? The short answer is, yes. Much like a car accelerates and decelerates, in life we have our ‘accumulation’ years - the time spent building our wealth by working, saving and acquiring assets like a property. Once we reach retirement, we enter the ‘decumulation’ phase, drawing income from the savings and pension pots we have built up during the accumulation years. What you’re left with to ‘decumulate’ once retirement sets in, will to a large extent be a result of what you’ve managed to ‘accumulate’ during

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